The Big Money

Napoleon Hill quotes from his book, Think and Grow Rich When money comes in quantities as “the big money”, it flows to the one who accumulates it, as easily as water flows down hill.  There exits a great unseen stream of POWER, which may be compared to a river: except that one side flows in one direction, carrying all who get into that side of the stream, onward and upward to WEALTH- and the other side flows in the opposite direction, carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into it (and not able to extricate themselves from it), downward to misery and POVERTY.

Every man has accumulated a great fortune, has recognized the existence of this stream of life.  It consists of one’s THINKING PROCESS.  The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to fortune.  The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty.

This carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is following this with the object of accumulating a fortune.

If you are in the side of the stream of POWER which leads to poverty, this may serve as an oar, by which you may propel yourself over into the other side of the stream.  It can serve you ONLY through application and use.  Merely reading, and passing judgment on it, either one way or another will in no way benefit you.”

Poverty and riches often change places.  Poverty may, and generally does, voluntarily take the place of riches.  When riches take the place of poverty, the change is usually brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed PLANS.  Poverty needs no plan.  It needs no one to aid it, because it is bold and ruthless.  Riches are shy and timid.  They have to be “attracted.”      Do you want a well-conceived and carefully executed PLAN?  Here is your oar to RICHES

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