Life is full of mystery.  Every where you look you can find wonder, beauty and magnificence. By keeping your senses open, you will find much to be grateful for.  The unknown, mystery of life reveals itself through right action, and observation.  Nature is always expressing and expanding itself perfectly through the lenses of the observer.  Once we become attached to the outcome, we limit the possibilities of how something will manifest. Just like planting an oak seed in fertile soil it will begin to attract all things necessary to grow into a strong, tall tree.  If we plant seeds of joy, we will receive joy back; if we plant seeds of prosperity, we will receive prosperity back. www.jointnt.com/d.cgi/monicabennett/land2.html These are the wonders and mysteries of the law of attraction. Stepping into the unknown, can be frightening but also the most powerful right action you can take. You will step into your magnificence, and the wonders of life will meet you through the process of creation. Live your life fully, spread seeds of love and begin to open your world to the wonderful abundance present everywhere, in every thing, at every moment. Your environment must be the fertile soil that will nurture your soul to mature into all the glory that is waiting dormant inside of you. Choose people, places and things that will encourage that growth.  There is a stream of unlimited possibilities waiting to be discovered right now if you allow yourself to move into right action. You might feel fear but courage is moving ahead in spite of the fear.  Opportunity awaits you, so what are you waiting for?  www.jointnt.com/d.cgi/monicabennett/land2.html

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