Manifesting My Dreams

As I move forward, do I look behind in the rear view mirror?  Habitually, I have a tendency to bring up the past and see my life as the things I have not accomplished. I think thoughts of why or why I can not do those things I truly want.  I must understand the power of these habits that are holding me back from living the life that is waiting for me.

Beliefs about me and the world around me are created in my mind; in my subconscious mind. Thoughts that I have accepted as truth, have become fixed as paradigms.  If they are holding me back from doing or having the things I desire, then I must question these beliefs, and recognize how they have become downloaded into my subconscious mind.

I have the ability to change my life by thinking a new empowering thought. Just like  when I delete an old computer program before I replace it with a new one. I too can allow positive thoughts to penetrate my conscious mind, which will create feelings of inspiration. Those feelings can motivate actions that resonate and produce new results that will be more in line with my new beliefs. When I gain the understanding of how to live on a higher level of vibration I will successfully integrate the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical parts of my being. I will then be looking forward, seeing my life unfold naturally without any doubt as to my ability.  I will become the master of my own life. Synchronicity will show up revealing what I need exactly at the right moments, guiding and illuminating my journey to manifest my dreams.

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