The Spirit of the Universe

January 19, 2010

When I invite spirit into my life, I am held in the cradle of Gods womb. I know that if God is for me, who, or what, can be against me? The universe is alive with magic and wonder, unfolding its brilliance in every moment. We are one with this light. Connecting ourselves to this power can be found in the universal principles of Natural law, which we can learn, by the study of ourselves and of our environment. We have infinite potential. We are the centers in which the creative spirit of the universe finds expression. We are all unique individuals, seeking to reveal our gifts, creating the expansion of this evolving universe.

It is only a thought away. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” says the Old Testament. The entire Book is nothing but one continuous statement of the Creative power of Thought. When our understanding to align our thought, with the universal mind, unites, we will be in harmony with ourselves. When this shift takes place, all things are possible.

Awareness of these truths will set us free and our hearts will be full of joy. Co-creating  with the universe will become a natural process, that will liberate your spirit and the dance of movement will flow to and through you.

It is only a thought away. “A man is what he thinks about all day long”, a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought” a quote from the Peace Pilgrims.  Stay connected to the truth of who you really are. You are light, you are love, and you are spiritual. You and I are meant to live in abundance, health and bliss. Join me on this path of enlightenment

January 18, 2010

In Loving Hands

January 17, 2010

I’ve heard that the ego is (edging God out) of your life. When I allow my ego to take control of my feelings I always wind up creating drama that limits my full awareness and presence to what I really need to learn from the situation. The illusion of what appears to be real is only a disguise to trick me into reacting and defending my personal viewpoints, opinions and judgments.  When I allow myself to detach from the outcome of what I want to happen, I can begin to release the hold of my ego and let God in. I let go of the steering wheel, knowing I Am being guided on a path leading me to my awakening.

Until I realize and embrace the shadow side of my nature I will never heal the insanity that lurks and hides in the dark recesses of my mind.  In other words what I resist will persist. When I begin to love all of myself, the light within me can shine and radiate life, love and truth, to all who desire to transcend their ego based thinking.

Go within yourself, sit in silence and listen to the quite voice of your soul. Its there, if you pay attention. When I look deep within myself I know I have the power and the answers to overcome any obstacle.  We all need to face our inner most fears and overcome them.  Eleanor Roosevelt a pioneer in the women’s movement said “We must do the thing we think we can not do.” It’s time we all take our power back and face our fears as a collective force, and awaken to a new and brighter tomorrow.” I am love and light.

Hygiea the Goddess of Health

January 13, 2010

In Greek mythology, the goddess of health Hygiea, is the daughter of Asklepios, the father of medicine. Worshippers of Hygiea, know that health is the natural order of things, a positive attribute to which people are entitled if they govern their lives wisely.

According to Hygiean followers, the most important function of medicine is to discover and teach the natural laws which ensure a person a healthy mind in a healthy body. Hygiea teaches us how to create health, and how to reown the powers of naturally healing ourselves. It teaches us the use of natural and inexpensive things, and reminds us of the power of our attitudes.

Hygiea is helping us to take responsibility for our lives and to take charge of our health. She is telling us to exercise, to play as well as to work, to be intuitive and artistic, as well as rational and logical. Most important Hygieans are today the primary advocates of education and for public health measures designed to create healthy environments for all people. Health comes from learning to live in harmony with ourselves, with our communities, and with the natural world.

The Journey to Wholeness

January 10, 2010

I believe all health and well being, come from a wholesome and balanced life. How we create this balance in a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster out of control is a personal journey, we all need to under take.  As Billy Joel writes in his song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire, its Been Burning Since the Worlds Been Turning.”

With fax machines, mobile phones, and e-mail, the world is becoming more and more connected, and yet, we have lost a sense of bonding that can only be obtained by communication.  We are seeing such wonders in our life time. New and emerging technology is creating amazing advances in so many areas of our lives that people are disassociating themselves with the outside world and locking themselves up in vacuums afraid to touch one another, afraid to reach out.  We have the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“These are the Days of Miracles and Wonder” a song written by Paul Simon, describing the evolution of our personal journey through these days of our existence. There are so many ways to connect, but you see more dissociation with ourselves, as well as with others.  As companies down size and fast food chains super size, the balance of life has become distorted. We have become a nation of obesity, addictions, and selfishness. People have lost their way and need to restore balance in their lives.

Unfortunately, man and his ego have separated from the spirit and have created an unbalance that needs to be restored, in order to achieve harmony with our world, each other and ourselves.  We must look within rather than outside of ourselves for all life’s questions. All true power comes from our soul, and this power has been lying dormant within us ready to be awakened whenever we are ready to listen.

Awaken Your Intuition

January 4, 2010

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We came from some place and are going to return somewhere. Amazingly, our DNA is a shaped like a spiral stairway reaching for the heavens. The more we can stay connected to that spiritual part of ourselves the more understanding, awareness, and consciousness will flow to and through us guiding our lives. One of the ways to keep the channel open is through the intellectual faculty of intuition.  I’ve heard it said that if prayer is when we talk to God, intuition is when God talks to us. It’s that quiet whisper echoing in the core of our soul, always letting us know what is best for our well being.

Most people have either not been taught how to properly use this facility or have ignored their feelings when intuition has been trying to speak to us. It has therefore been laying dormant, just waiting to be turned on, when ever we are ready and willing to listen.  The doorway to begin to open up your intuitive abilities, is through imagination. Ask for guidance and envision a soul image, like an angel, or a fairy, even an owl, or (what ever feels good), to assist you.

Then sit in silence and relax the mind. Our mental chatter often gets in the way of a clear connection, just like static on a radio channel. Once the flow of energy is calm and focused, the signal will be clear to receive the guidance from your soul. Begin to pay attention to your feelings; they are your compass, directing you along your journey to a more fulfilling life. Always remember, you are a spiritual being, and that to reclaim your connection, if it has been severed, takes practice, just like a muscle that has not been used becomes atrophied. Soon you will begin to awaken to your true self.

Attitude of Gratitude

January 1, 2010

I’ve come to realize that my attitude will dictate every result I get in my life. I’m sure you heard this message too growing up.  Things like; if you had a better attitude, you could get better grades in school, or, with an attitude like that you can go to your room, right?  The only thing is no one ever told us how to get a better attitude. What is attitude anyway?  Well the dictionary describes it as; 1.A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself, indicative of mood or condition. 2. A state of mind or feeling with regard to some matter. 3. A way of behaving; disposition. In other words, my thoughts, feelings, and actions must all be aligned in a positive way, in order for me to be perceived and received as authentic. When this happens, I will radiate with confidence.

To do this, I have to be willing and able to honestly look at the results I am presently getting in my life. I know that at the center of my being is love, truth and a life that is connected to a higher intelligence. I also know I have gotten mixed messages about myself and the world as I was growing up.  These negative messages have formed my behaviors and beliefs. Even though they didn’t feel good, I grew up not realizing how these limiting beliefs affected my attitude and everything in my life.

Now I know that I can change my perception about those beliefs. I choose to align with my higher self and develop an attitude of gratitude. Once I begin to make that shift, my whole world will reflect the results back to me, as a mirror reflects an image. So for the New Year I choose to take responsibility for my attitude and stay connected with the core of who I am. Won’t you join me and connect to your truth?