The Journey to Wholeness

I believe all health and well being, come from a wholesome and balanced life. How we create this balance in a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster out of control is a personal journey, we all need to under take.  As Billy Joel writes in his song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire, its Been Burning Since the Worlds Been Turning.”

With fax machines, mobile phones, and e-mail, the world is becoming more and more connected, and yet, we have lost a sense of bonding that can only be obtained by communication.  We are seeing such wonders in our life time. New and emerging technology is creating amazing advances in so many areas of our lives that people are disassociating themselves with the outside world and locking themselves up in vacuums afraid to touch one another, afraid to reach out.  We have the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“These are the Days of Miracles and Wonder” a song written by Paul Simon, describing the evolution of our personal journey through these days of our existence. There are so many ways to connect, but you see more dissociation with ourselves, as well as with others.  As companies down size and fast food chains super size, the balance of life has become distorted. We have become a nation of obesity, addictions, and selfishness. People have lost their way and need to restore balance in their lives.

Unfortunately, man and his ego have separated from the spirit and have created an unbalance that needs to be restored, in order to achieve harmony with our world, each other and ourselves.  We must look within rather than outside of ourselves for all life’s questions. All true power comes from our soul, and this power has been lying dormant within us ready to be awakened whenever we are ready to listen.

One Response to The Journey to Wholeness

  1. Tawna Somrak says:

    It’s my job to don’t post on many another Blogs, however I just has to say thank you… maintain the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its a pointer so that school.


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