Here in the North East we got a deluge of rain the last few days.  So many people had water flooding there homes, causing all kinds of damage. Thank God today looks like the sun is coming out.  I know how much I love the sun!  It makes such a difference in attitude. Although the sun is always there and ready to tap into when ever we keep our hearts and minds open to possibilities. www.thetrumpnetwork.com/monicabennett

The outside world is always reflecting back to us what is going on inside of us.  As I always say, it’s an inside job.  We will never be truly at peace with ourselves, and our environment, unless we find peace within ourselves.   This shift of consciousness requires an honest and contemplative examination of what’s working and what’s not working in our lives.  I know for me, I am always seeking the truth. I am always looking for unlimited possibilities. www.thetrumpnetwork.com/monicabennett

This is not always a comfortable path.  To step into your greatness and find the peace and freedom that is waiting for you, is a journey of self discovery, always camouflaged in an opportunity or adversity.  It is up to us to recognize this and take the leap of faith toward it.  Listen to your heart, and move forward.  www.thetrumpnetwork.com/monicabennett Your life will unfold in the magic and wonders of this universe like you have never experienced before.

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