The Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Who are the people that exemplify the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Can anyone become an entrepreneur or is this an inherent quality in someone’s nature?

The times they are a changing and more and more people are seeking out their own business, Looking for opportunities to create the life style that ownership might bring.

I owned and operated by own business for over 22 years. I was passionate, disciplined, creative, organized, positive, goal oriented, self reliant and detail oriented. These are the qualities it takes to be an entrepreneur. The only thing was it was a small business and I began to see that ownership does not buy financial freedom. I became disillusioned by this. I heard that if my business requires my presence that I don’t have a business, I have a job.

So I began to seek out a way to become a big business owner where I could build it once and receive a residual income and I found the mother load! Now this truly is what an entrepreneur does.  More and more people are realizing this model. Anyone can become one. Yes, there is a learning curve here from small to thinking big, to coming out from your comfort zone. Actually life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and freedom is on the other side. That’s exciting. So what is it worth to you? Are you willing, are you able to be passionate, goal oriented, organized, driven, energetic, positive, and detail oriented? There is a business model in place to help you learn every step you need to develop these skills and become the entrepreneur inside you! The life you are seeking is seeking you too! People from all walks of life are becoming big business owners and making their dreams a reality. You can too, there is a system in place, all you need to do is follow the yellow brick road.

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