Fractals are one of the most interesting puzzles of mathematics. They are made by a simple formula, yet they have such beautiful and complex designs.  Patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. They are every where in nature and in man made objects.  I believe they are also in our thoughts, our habits and our feelings. They are shaping our future. Fractals can be the key to unlocking the behaviors of the mind. Researchers are discovering how the pattern of healthy blood vessels changes their shape when cancer is present in the body to form a different pattern.  When does this change begin and how, are the questions to solving this mysterious puzzle.

Fractals can also be used in business, to determine the success rate through the patterns or systems they have in place. A company that can duplicate itself and determine through the law of averages how often they can get new prospects, clients and customers will profit and continue to increase their productivity.

The key is in duplication.  These patterns are very precise and can be measured.  Once a business has this formula it will replicate itself again and again, like a fractal.  There is no end to the benefits these designs have on shaping our lives.  The more we tap into the brilliance of their message, the more we can connect to the infinite source of knowledge that surrounds us.

Look, listen and understand the direct correlation of the intricate design of life that flows to and through us. Find the patterns in your own life that is guiding you to health, prosperity and happiness or away forming patterns of chaos. Either way they are patterns.

Why not form beautiful, harmonious vibrations that will expand and connect with the rhythm of the universe. All you need to do is tap in, turn on and tune in to the wisdom of your spirit and al will be revealed!

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