Tapping into the Energy from the Universe

According to yoga science, our bodies have seven chakras that function as intake organs, collecting energy from the universe and enhancing different innate abilities and intuitions. These energy fields can either be open or blocked, meaning your psyche can either access the energy within the chakra or is unable to access that energy.


The Sanskrit word “chakra” translates literally to “wheel” or “disk.” The chakra or symbol of the wheel is used to signify each one of your energy centers. These are vortexes of energy. To keep the chakras open and in balance, is considered a significant way to promote spiritual and physical well being.  There are many different ways to open and balance your chakras. Having the chakras out of balance or the blocking of a particular chakra is theorized to produce specific physical ailments in the body.  For example, if you have low energy and struggle with chronic lethargy, you may want to try to open up your third chakra, the power chakra, located in your solar plexus area in order to tap into more energy. This is the energetic center for personal power, courage, and self-esteem. It’s characterized by fire, drive, and balanced motivation.

An affirmation to balance your energy can be, I am confident and empowered.

The color to focus on is yellow

The business to connect with is;  www.thebillionairenetwork.com/monicabennett

Interestingly enough, the seven chakras correspond exactly with the seven main nerve centers along the spinal cord.

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