Imagine the Possibilities

February 27, 2011

What if you could live life full of anything you can imagine?

What if you found a way to change your life for the better?

Would you take it?

Most of us were brought up to believe I’ll believe it when I see it, but just the opposite is true. You must believe it, then you will see it. Our vision of what we see controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality.

Fear, scarcity and competion , these are the ways we have been taught to live in the world, but if we are open to the possibilities enough to see a new way, a new a way will emerge.  Nature shows us this all the time. If we choose to see a new way, if we are open enough to see it.

As corporate America is downsizing and fast food restaurants are super sizing we are beginning to see the imbalance in the world. The things that frighten us the most are really our alias if we view it from a new perception. It is really a possibility curve. Change is possibility and in these times of accelerated change it is there that holds the most potential to create anything we want. But if we continue to do business as usual with out embracing the possibilities of change we will not be open for business much longer.

Did you ever see a fly attempting to fly through a window pane, banging and buzzing itself in a frenzy trying to get out. It is determined, it is trying so hard through its efforts to get out, but you know it is doomed. It will die there on the window sill. While across the room, ten steps away the door is open. Ten seconds of flying time and the small creature could have reached the world outside. It could have been free with only a fraction of the effort. The break through possibility is there; if we see it, if we are open to it. So I invite you to stay open to the possibility, because the door is wide open right now to create freedom in your life.

Perception Will Change Everything

February 20, 2011


Perception changes everything.  Wayne Dyer said it best when he said “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  To perceive the way you view your world is limiting only to the restrictions we place on how we interpret the image.  We can look at something and see it totally different than someone looking at the same thing. How is this possible?

What one perceives is a result of interplays between past experiences, including one’s culture, and the interpretation of the perceived.  So how we are actually viewing our life is really clouded by experiences we had in the past and interpreting everything through those lenses.  This is so interesting. So if we don’t like what we are seeing we can change the way we are reacting to the experience and everything beings to change. We can look at a glass of water half empty or half full, we can look at our life as being joyful or joyless. Every thing has a polar opposite rich, poor, up down, positive, negative; it is the center point between the two that shifts the perception of where we are.

You are creating your experiences. The question is what experience do you want to create? What is the risk to look at things through a new lens? To begin to focus your thoughts and feelings on the things you want rather than focus on what you don’t want. It is never too late to have a happy childhood. Just shift your perception. If you can change your future by thinking new thoughts why can’t you change your past?  It is just a matter of viewing things differently.

Begin today, this moment, to look at your life through a new set of eyes and begin to create anything that you can imagine! Anything is possible if you believe!

Love is in the Air

February 15, 2011

Love is in the air today. It is in the air everyday, but so many times we forget to remember the people who are so precious to us. We tend to value things before people.  I always keep the perspective of people first, then money, then things.

I know I have made the mistake of not showing how much I truly love to my family even though they can push my buttons. I am so grateful to have them so they can show me what I need to learn about myself.  They are a mirror reflecting back to me all the things I don’t like about myself. They’re just the messenger, and I always say don’t shoot the messenger.  When I change the dynamics within me, then the circumstances will change. So I am learning to love myself dearly. I give this Valentine day to me! It feels so good to know that I accept myself unconditionally. So Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to me!

I am now in position to create financial wealth for myself because I am worth it! Wealth will bring out more of who I am, and I am love! So I will be more full of love to share, give, contribute, enjoy and create great things, do great things and have beautiful things. I love it!!!

I urge you to find your heart within yourself so that you can share your splendor with all whom you love and come from a place of contribution to create a world full of joy and bliss. Never forget those souls who sacrificed their lives to show us the way to our hearts, family and friends. To all those who have lost loved ones, know that their spirit is everywhere. May the grace of God be with you.

Our Cells Communication

February 10, 2011

Every cell of our body has a consciousness and intelligence that communicates with every other cell to perform complicated tasks. This communication can be likened to how a computer operates.   Our brain is the switching station or the central hard drive of this computer but our cells hold the programs. Every cell, and there are trillion of cells in our bodies have a consciousness or mind. Our mind is in every cell, in every atom, in every particle. If we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused or any emotion that is not in alignment and at  ease, then just like a computer there are communication issues or viruses running through these programs or cells. This will cause disturbances within the body and eventually result in either chronic or acute conditions. So just like a computer has anti virus protection and scans for viruses daily, we need to do the same thing to keep our bodies and mind operating in alignment and be in peak condition.

One of the best ways to do this is to meditate. To sit in silence and to release all thought, is a way to balance and scan our energy centers or chakras so that our bodies are vibrating at a higher level. This will ensure that our cells are operating at their peak performance.   When our cells are communicating with out disruption we can get clear messages as to what our true course of action in this life is.

Every thought, action, decision, or feeling creates an eddy in the interlocking, interbalancing, ever-moving energy fields of life,
leaving a permanent record for all of time. This realization
can be intimidating when it first dawns on us, but
it becomes a springboard for rapid evolution.”

Dr. David Hawkins: Physician, spiritual teacher, and lecturer

We are all connected, from every microcosm to every macrocosm, everything is communicating and interconnected. The question is, what message are you relaying? Do you want to send out ripples of abundance, joy, bliss, prosperity, love and gratitude? You can, just center yourself and follow your bliss…

The Divine Matrix

February 6, 2011

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force…

We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”  Max Planck

With these words, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, described a universal field of energy that connects everything in creation: the Divine Matrix. The Divine Matrix is our world. It is us and all that we love, hate, create, and experience. Living in the Divine Matrix, we are artists expressing our innermost passions, fears, dreams, and desires through the essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. But we are the canvas, as well as the images upon the canvas. We are the paints, as well as the brushes. In the Divine Matrix, we are the container within which all things exist, the bridge between the creations of our inner and outer worlds, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.  Gregg Braden

So the question is, what do you want your painting to look like? This gives us the freedom to be, do and have anything that we want. I don’t believe most people realize the power that we truly posses. Most people feel unworthy of accomplishing great things in their lives, and life will reflect back to them exactly what their feeling about themselves. If we could begin to realize that we are divine creators, our canvas will begin to paint a masterpiece.

Wipe the slate clean, realize that you are the divine matrix creating either paint by number scene, staying within the lines or having free expression to paint a picture that will leave a lasting impression that will go on forever.