Imagine the Possibilities

What if you could live life full of anything you can imagine?

What if you found a way to change your life for the better?

Would you take it?

Most of us were brought up to believe I’ll believe it when I see it, but just the opposite is true. You must believe it, then you will see it. Our vision of what we see controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality.

Fear, scarcity and competion , these are the ways we have been taught to live in the world, but if we are open to the possibilities enough to see a new way, a new a way will emerge.  Nature shows us this all the time. If we choose to see a new way, if we are open enough to see it.

As corporate America is downsizing and fast food restaurants are super sizing we are beginning to see the imbalance in the world. The things that frighten us the most are really our alias if we view it from a new perception. It is really a possibility curve. Change is possibility and in these times of accelerated change it is there that holds the most potential to create anything we want. But if we continue to do business as usual with out embracing the possibilities of change we will not be open for business much longer.

Did you ever see a fly attempting to fly through a window pane, banging and buzzing itself in a frenzy trying to get out. It is determined, it is trying so hard through its efforts to get out, but you know it is doomed. It will die there on the window sill. While across the room, ten steps away the door is open. Ten seconds of flying time and the small creature could have reached the world outside. It could have been free with only a fraction of the effort. The break through possibility is there; if we see it, if we are open to it. So I invite you to stay open to the possibility, because the door is wide open right now to create freedom in your life.

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