New Beginnings

A time of new beginnings has come as spring has arrived here in the north eastern region the United States and the signs are everywhere.  You see the trees showing their buds ready to bloom, the daffodils, crocus, lily of the valley, tulips, and all the spring flowers and shrubs are beginning to bloom. Pastel colors are everywhere! This means new beginnings, new growth, and a time to emerge out of the darkness of winter.  For me, this means to come out of the darkness of my mind as well. Just as the days are getting longer and life is revealing

itself after a long cold sleep, I too must do the same in my body, mind and spirit. I must grow and begin anew, and blossom into what ever I have focused my energy and intention on.

It is a new beginning to do some spring cleaning in my garden as well as in my mind. To open the windows and allow the fresh air, the new thoughts, to emerge out of the soil like a bulb storing all its energy for the next season and pushing its way upward and outward toward the light.  Now more than ever this beautiful mother earth needs us all to open our hearts and minds to a new way, to a humane way.

A new beginning is possible when we trust the powers of the universe to guide us and allow the path to take us on a journey that has not been traveled before. A new beginning to create something beautiful for generations to come. By observing nature we see before our eyes, smell the intoxicating aromas, feel the warm breeze, taste the succulent spring crops, and hear the songs of life, that have never been created exactly this way before, as our own life lives out its story. Let’s all collectively write a new chapter this spring, one that has reverence for life and explores the possibilities for a new beginning.

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