The Power of Clarity

April 24, 2011

On a clear day I can see forever. Have you ever noticed how certain you are when you know the directions to where you want to go?  Thank God for GPS systems today to help guide us and give us clarity when we are driving!  But with out that guiding system we may feel lost and confused. It is important to have a road map to show us the way.  Well the same applies to your life. We need a purpose, vision and goals to move towards on our journey of life. We think in pictures. Aristotle said “The soul can not think without pictures.” If we do not have a clear picture as to what we want to create in our lives, we have doubt, confusion and then fear, which by default take the place of clarity. When you have a vision for your life you gain clarity which will help you make empowering decisions, solve problems, heighten creativity and control specific behavior.

If the road ahead seems like the fog will never clear and the sun is hiding behind the clouds in your life, rest assured that with the right help, you will be able to see for miles and miles…… and get clarity in your life !

Take the Challenge

April 17, 2011

Challenges are a part of life. From the time we are conceived to the end of our life we will be faced with many challenges. We need challenges to evolve and grow into more of who we are. Without them there would be no reason to do anything, be anything or have anything.  They make us strong, and self sufficient, to be our best as well as to give our best. What are some of the challenges you are facing today? Some of the biggest challenges people are struggling with today are health issues, financial issues, and addictions. We all want the good life, but it comes with a price. There isn’t any free lunch or get rich quick scheme that will build character, integrity and fortitude unless you face a challenge head on and overcome it.  The more we live our life with integrity, discipline and courage, the more resources will reveal themselves to you, so you can achieve anything you desire, despite all the obstacles and challenges that seem to be in your way. Do you take the challenge of becoming your best you?  Now is the time! The world needs YOU!!!!!


April 9, 2011

Intimacy or ( in-to-me see) is one of the richest feelings you can experience in your life. Do you have any intimate relationships in your life? I believe the first person you need to be intimate with is yourself. To know yourself, or as Shakespeare would say “to thy own self  be true”.  What do you like? What motivates and inspires you? What are your dreams and desires?

The next intimate relationship is with someone else. Someone who you trust and have high respect for. Someone who you can share your deepest feelings with, without any judgment.  Someone who you can be vulnerable with and talk about things that might have hurt you. If you have one or a few of these people in our lives, consider yourself very fortunate. These people are priceless! These relationships take time and have to be developed.  Having intimacy or (in-to-me see) with someone will make life so much richer and rewarding. But, first you need to be intimate with you. You need to love yourself and give yourself this gift. Once you develop this relationship with yourself, you will create healthy boundaries with the people closest to you and then with everyone else.

I believe we are here on this earth to discover ourselves in a deeper and more intimate way.  On this journey of life, enjoy and share these moments with  God and then commune with your brothers and sisters to bring love and freedom to all.


April 3, 2011


By William Penn Patrick

No person, ideal or institution becomes great until Great Resistance has been encountered. Greatness cannot be achieved until this concept is understood.

Unfortunately, the average person is ignorant of this rule of achievement. Mr. and Mrs. Average, in their ignorance, are fearful and reluctant to encounter even slight resistance. They don’t want to make waves or be criticized and they incorrectly feel that criticism will hold them back and prevent their happiness from being realized. In truth, the opposite is the case.

Take note: when we begin to change our jobs, we are first given resistance by our loved ones, for they fear change means facing the unknown! When we begin to make rapid achievement or commitment to rapid progress, we have roadblocks thrown up by our friends and relations. They begin to resist by negative comments and actions, which are devices to cause you to maintain the ‘status quo.’

Now, if you are to achieve great progress, you must prevail against those closest to you; this is difficult and requires courage because you desire to please and not hurt those you love. The truth is that great harm befalls your loved ones when you fail to be yourself and do your thing. This is so, because you lose your enthusiasm for life, your growth process stops and your self-esteem diminishes. Those negatives are reversed when you stand your ground; and when you have prevailed, your loved ones gain a new and higher respect for you.

History records countless events, which prove the point. Let the great lessons of the past stay in our minds as a beacon in our personal and corporate futures. Let us understand and be grateful that our ideas have proven worthy of tremendous resistance. Today, all over the world, great forces have risen to resist our growth. These forces fear us for what we present and they are attempting to destroy us and our dreams. Our understanding of this phenomenon and our strength of character and our commitment to our way of life is prevailing over these forces which have risen up. We are fortunate to have such great resistance. This resistance is evidence of our greatness and it provides us with the energy to prevail. These next few short years will record a brilliant history and establish a permanent place for our way of life-which is freedom to be and to work out our dreams for a great world, for ourselves, for our children and all humankind.