Decisions, decisions!!!

Decisions, decisions, we are faced with making choices every day, some big, some small.

Recently I was faced with a big decision to make and this was the process I used to

Choose what was best for my highest good. . I hope it empowers you to choose what is best for you too!

The quality of your decisions determines the success of your life.

Some people do a better job of making them than others, but decision making is not an esoteric art or a birthright. It is a learnable skill.


If you want to make better decisions, the first thing to know is that decision making is not an event, but a process.

As with any process, it consists of a sequence of steps:

Begin with brainstorming

Think of as many options as possible for whatever you are trying to decide. Don’t critique your options at this stage – just list them. This is the creative stage of decision making, and we are most creative when we let our thoughts roam freely.

Research on brain waves has shown that we are most creative during alpha and theta brain wave activity. These occur when we are relaxed and just let our minds wander.

Beta waves, on the other hand, are not conducive to creativity. These occur when we are feeling pressured and under stress, such as when deadlines are approaching. Interestingly, caffeine increases beta waves and inhibits alpha and theta waves – so that triple latte may be good for your energy level but bad for your creativity.

Take advantage of this knowledge to get the best results from your brainstorming. Many people say they have their most creative ideas just before falling asleep, while lying in

bed in the morning, while doing mindless tasks such as shaving or showering, or while unwinding, relaxing or meditating.

The saying, “I need to sleep on it” takes on new depth of meaning. Whatever decision

you make, it lest make one. The worst thing you can do is sit on the fence. No decision is

making a decision not to move forward with your life! Here is to the greatest gift we

have, the ability to choose!



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