Good News!

Did you hear the good news? We often hear stories about someone that first appears good or bad and later the story changes. You see, life is about change, the ebb and flow of it. Here is a story that I heard that puts it into prospective.

Once upon a time there was a man, his wife and their one teenage son living happily in a small village. One day a wild horse showed up out of nowhere. The neighbors said, what good news, now you have 2 horses to help you till your land. The Man said we shall see.

Shortly after, the teenage son got on the new horse to tame her, but the mare kicked him off, and the son broke his leg.  The neighbors said, oh what bad news, your only son cannot work with you, so you will be short handed. The man said, we shall see.

Shortly after that, a war broke out in a nearby village and all the young men were called to fight in the battle, however this young man could not go because of his broken leg. The neighbors once again said, oh what good news you have, you are so lucky that your son does not have to go and fight.

Once again the man said we shall see.

The morale of the story is life changes. What appears to be good news later is not so good and vice versa. There is an ebb and flow to everything. Find the peace within and everything is good news.

God is good all the time!!!

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