Natural Order

The first law of the universe is order. Not world order but natural order. It has been passed down through stories, icons, buildings, and even alphabets in places all around the world, from Central America, to Egypt, to China. And now, at this critical crossroads in human evolution, it is being de-coded. The code may be our most powerful key to thriving. It is a pattern in nature that exists everywhere from atoms to galaxies. It’s called a “torus.”  You can see it in a seed, a fruit, a hurricane, even the electromagnetic field around a person or the earth.  It’s how life sustains and evolves itself, and it serves as a universal template for sustainability in all our systems.
Among other things, the code shows us how to access clean, abundant energy, expand our consciousness, restore health and balance to the planet and live sustainably.
Unfortunately, there is another world order which is not natural, taking place in the world which is in complete opposition to this pattern. It wants to control us and keep us down.
It is up to us to wake up to our own code within us. To know that we are more than just flesh and bones but a genius awaiting to be born. We have the power, we have the code, we have the secret to make a difference!
The world is at a cross roads, which path will you take?
Make a difference and tap into the code of natural order!

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