Adapt to Change

If there is one certainty today, it is constant change. The world is moving at a faster and faster pace. How do we keep up with this change? Being adaptable and flexible is key to staying on target. What seemed to be working a year ago might not be today. Adapting to new and trying situations will keep us ahead of the curve.
We must consistently reevaluate where we are and see if things are working for us or not and adjust  our sail. Being flexible and adapting to change will help us stay sharp and focused. If something is not working for you and causing you chronic stress, ask yourself what can I do to eliminate this? How can I make things better? Stay open to the answers.  The best question you can ask yourself is How!!! The answers will come if your open, flexible and able to stay adaptable.
As Paul Simon sings “Just make a new plan Stan, get off the bus Gus and set your self free.”

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