insight    — n 1. the ability to perceive clearly or deeply; penetration 2. a penetrating and often sudden understanding, as of a complex situation or problem 3. psychol  a. the capacity for understanding one’s own or another’s mental processes  b. the immediate understanding of the significance of an event or action 4. psychiatry  the ability to understand one’s own problems, sometimes used to distinguish between psychotic and neurotic disorders
I have been working with a personal coach who has been helping me grow and move forward in my life on all fronts. This takes tremendous insight on my part to really see what I really want my life to look like. One of the assignments he has me doing is spending some time looking at my life backwards. Seeing myself at my 75th birthday and hearing what people are saying about me, seeing where it is taking place, who is present and really getting clear as to what I have accomplished in my life.  This takes tremendous insight into what I actually really want in my life.
Children become insightful when they begin to ask questions like why is the sky blue or where do babies come from?
We want to know the answers to what our lives will look like, that is why people seek out psychics.  If we spend the time looking within we will find the answers to what it is we want, need and desire. We then will create it! Look within and become insightful.
Ask and it shall be given
Seek and you shall find
Knock and it shall open

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