June 26, 2012

Passion, where would we be with out it? Most people associate passion with romance, however I am referring passion with your desire to be or do something magnificent. We all are born with special talents and abilities that when nurtured will develop into mastery.
Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter on this which he titled Desire, the starting point of all achievement. He knew that you must have a burning desire or passion toward something, if you want it to become a reality.
What gets you jazzed? Use your imagination to dream of a desired out come. See it in your minds eye and become obsessed to accomplishing it. With passion you will move closer and closer toward it.
Passion is a powerful emotion that when channeled into your hearts desire will unleash boundless enthusiasm and energy.
Find the passion inside of you and life will respond with joy, love, and a sense of definite purpose like never before.
Anything is possible with passion!

Secure or Insecure?

June 19, 2012

Are you a secure or insure person? Secure means to have confidence, to know your self well and feel comfortable in your own skin. Insecure on the other hand means to lack these qualities, and be full of doubt, fear and anxiety. Insecurity stems from a belief that you are unworthy and most likely has been learned and instilled from childhood. The good news is that you can change and become secure with yourself. You can learn to love, trust and respect yourself. All of these values will bring about the feelings of security within.
Taking steps to switch from an insecure to a secure person is a matter of investing time to find out about you. I used to be such an insecure person, full of anxiety, fear and doubt. Now I am light years from that girl. I am a secure woman full of confidence and ease. It oozes out of my pores and radiates miles away.
What about yourself do you not like? If there is anything that is holding you back from living the life you desire, than ask yourself, what do I need, to feel good about me? What can I do to change this belief and have the security it takes to be do or have what I want? Take the risk, invest in yourself. The return will be priceless!

Drama is for the Movies

June 14, 2012

Drama, it seems like so many people have this in their life. There is at least one family member that likes to stir the pot and create drama. I find it exhausting and totally unnecessary. It makes for a good movie, however if drama is taking over your life in a negative way, it is totally destructive. Life should be full of adventure, passion and interesting things but when the sea gets stormy and the tempest emerges, watch out! The expression drama queen is from people who like to be the center of attention and create a scene. It disrupts the flow of peace, tranquility and robs you of being centered and balanced. Do we need any drama in our life?  I for one do not. I love my peaceful world without any storms. Yes, there will be times in life that are difficult, stressful and challenging but drama will only put fuel to these situations and make them seem so much worse than they really are. Drama is an addiction. So save the drama for the mama.  Mama says stop the drama and find some karma!

Explore and Discover

June 6, 2012

Where would man be without our explorers? From science to the arts we are always exploring and discovering new ways to understand and advance or inner and outer world. We seem to have come so very far however in some ways so many people have not opened their eyes and hearts to the beauty and magnificence of these discoveries. For a civilization to grow and advance we need collaboration and unity that will excel us into the consciousness that is emerging for the human race to survive.
It is through the heart that we will discover who we really are. It is through exploring each other that we will open our hearts to the unity that God lives in each and every one of us.
So take time today to explore and discover the flower of life that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Your world will blossom to the infinite possibilities that is waiting to be born.  The time is now! The bud can no longer contain itself, it is ready to be born.