Go for the Gold

July 31, 2012

As I watch the Olympics on television, I am awed by the drive, and passion these people possess. They are giving their all and going for the Gold. They have come from all kinds of backgrounds and so many challenges but nothing has stopped them from staying focused on their dream of going for the Gold.
What is your Gold? We all can achieve and accomplish extraordinary feats in our own lives and go for the Gold if we stay passionate, persist and begin preparation. That’s what it takes to go for the Gold.
I was watching Oprah interview David Copperfield the magician and that is his formula for going for his Gold. I really got it. To stay passionate about something that you love, persistence  (never ever give up) and preparation or, practice, practice, practice.
Stay the course and the rewards will come in your home life, work, or your hobby. What ever it is you really want use this formula for the success to achieve your Gold Medal.
Don’t look back, just keep your eye on the goal and give it all you’ve got.
Go for the Gold!

Creative Imagination

July 25, 2012

We are all creative. It just depends on how well and often you use your mind to express new ideas to bring a creative thought to life. It is the corner stone to changing the world. The old paradigm was competition, to get ahead and look at the bottom line. This is ripping our world apart and causing separation. Where creativity is a coalescence of new and imaginative beginnings.  Thinking creatively is freedom to explore and find solutions to difficult challenges. We have not been guided and encouraged to think this way. The public school system has been training children to stay within  the parameters of conformity. This never stirs the juices of creativity. It is time for breaking out of the prison of our own minds and begin to allow creative thought to take shape. How do we begin to do this after years of being conditioned? Start asking yourself important questions. What challenges are you facing? Brainstorm possible solutions. Write, draw, dance, or anything that will begin to move the muscles in your brain.
In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, he points out that our brains are both a broadcasting and receiving station for the “vibration of thought”. He says “Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite human mind has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.”
Imagine if we all began to think more creatively to work together for a better world?
John Lennon imagined, how about you?

Do Opposites Attract?

July 18, 2012

We live in a world of duality. There is a polar opposite for everything. Were there is life there is a death, an in, an out, a negative, a positive, tall or short. Every thing has an opposite.
When we practice stillness of mind, we get in touch with the space between these opposing dualities. We become grounded as the neutral wire in electricity. Here is were we can create. There is nothing we can’t do, be or have  if we realize that the answers are in the center of these opposites. It all comes together and melts into one. Everything is already connected. Then you choose what you desire out of this primordial soup that is being stirred.
If you choose to live a life of joy, abundance, and health than realize what is necessary to attract these positive attributed into your life. You must become a vibrational match for it. If you are  attracting negative things, then go back into the stillness and get clear as to what you truly desire.
When there is any ambiguity within yourself, you will continue to attract the opposite of what you think you what. You have not become grounded .
Feel the oneness within your being and explore the contrast of this magnificent world all around you.
Every opposite is here to show us and wake us up to the eyes of God, and God is good all the time.

Reverence for Life

July 11, 2012

Having a reverence for life is choosing to see things differently. When you begin to look at things from your heart instead of your head, you will feel a reverence for life. Everything is connected . You can not harm or damage anything with out it having a consequence on something else. When you understand that love is reverence your heart will open to all of life’s  wonders and magic. The universe will reveal it’s dance and all life will become its dancers. We are all connected. Reverence is seeing something you never saw before. Wayne Dyer said “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” So instead of getting angry at someone who appears to be doing something that is irritating you, look beneath the surface,  to change your attitude.
We are all longing for reverence so why not start with yourself? Open your heart and respect yourself, your friends, family and all people, the natural world and all life. Home is in the heart and the heart  is lying awake waiting to receive your reply for reverence.  You have an open invitation to come home. RSVP

Nurture Your Nature

July 3, 2012

Nurture your nature. What do you love to do?  I love to dance! I have a natural ability for dancing. I have always danced and feel my best when I am moving to music. Recently I have gotten back into dancing, making  it a priority.  I realize that that is what I need to do more of.  I am also incorporating it into my coaching sessions. Nurture your nature. What do you love to do? Start doing it now! If you don’t know, think of the time when you were a child between the ages of 7 and 14. What were you doing, that time seemed to stand still.? Ask your parents if you still can’t figure it out. It will come to you.
Nurture your nature and every thing will begin to flow in a more natural rhythm. If you are alive you have a purpose and a gift for something. Express it!  Give it away, share your gift and bit by bit you will have created an opening for greater things to come into your world.
You will feel more loving, compassion, and peace.
Nurture your nature, and nature will nurture you back!