Nurture Your Nature

Nurture your nature. What do you love to do?  I love to dance! I have a natural ability for dancing. I have always danced and feel my best when I am moving to music. Recently I have gotten back into dancing, making  it a priority.  I realize that that is what I need to do more of.  I am also incorporating it into my coaching sessions. Nurture your nature. What do you love to do? Start doing it now! If you don’t know, think of the time when you were a child between the ages of 7 and 14. What were you doing, that time seemed to stand still.? Ask your parents if you still can’t figure it out. It will come to you.
Nurture your nature and every thing will begin to flow in a more natural rhythm. If you are alive you have a purpose and a gift for something. Express it!  Give it away, share your gift and bit by bit you will have created an opening for greater things to come into your world.
You will feel more loving, compassion, and peace.
Nurture your nature, and nature will nurture you back!

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