Go for the Gold

As I watch the Olympics on television, I am awed by the drive, and passion these people possess. They are giving their all and going for the Gold. They have come from all kinds of backgrounds and so many challenges but nothing has stopped them from staying focused on their dream of going for the Gold.
What is your Gold? We all can achieve and accomplish extraordinary feats in our own lives and go for the Gold if we stay passionate, persist and begin preparation. That’s what it takes to go for the Gold.
I was watching Oprah interview David Copperfield the magician and that is his formula for going for his Gold. I really got it. To stay passionate about something that you love, persistence  (never ever give up) and preparation or, practice, practice, practice.
Stay the course and the rewards will come in your home life, work, or your hobby. What ever it is you really want use this formula for the success to achieve your Gold Medal.
Don’t look back, just keep your eye on the goal and give it all you’ve got.
Go for the Gold!

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