Our Fragile Earth

I just returned from my vacation to California and Arizona. It was absolutely awesome. I have been blessed to have traveled to  many places so far on this beautiful planet earth and it never seizes to amaze me the glorious places and diversity of our world.
While on this recent journey I came across this news letter from the National Park Service at the Montezuma Castle National Monument which says; Learning to see ourselves as part of the earth and realizing our role in the earth’s ecosystems is necessary. Take time to ask yourself “How can I live in a way that is good for me, the animals, the plants, and the other people that I share the planet with?”
So ponder this question, as you go through your day. Our earth is our only home. We must learn to have respect, reverence and appreciation for its life giving properties.
Our fragile earth, like us can be very resilient, however if we do not begin to heal ourselves, and our world, we will continue to spiral down and lose our precious life and the earth will no longer sustain us.
Here is a Native American belief which I feel we all need to own:
The earth does not belong to man.
man belongs to the Earth.
All things are connected like the blood
which unites a family.
Man does not weave the web of life,
he is only a strand in it.
Whatever happens to the Earth
happens to all of us.
Whatever man does
to the web of life on Earth
he does to himself.

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