Live Full Out

December 28, 2012

living Full Out Living full out means, giving it all to life. There is so much to live for and do. After hearing about the heinous act in Sandy Hook Connecticut I just wonder why these small innocent children had to die. They didn’t have an opportunity to live all out or at all. It made me realize that I am still alive and I must live fully. I must live all out. Give life my all. They were little angels who’s lives were taken away far too young.
So as the New Year approaches, how are you going to start new and live all out. You are blessed to be alive so give life your all and live fully. Live for the little angels who are watching down on us waiting for us to blossom and spread the joy that they did while they were alive.
Live fully, give freely and lets make 2013 the best year ever for all of those who are no longer here to express themselves. We owe it to them to live our best life.
Thank you little angels for making the world a better place by shining your light down on us so that we can live full out!!

Aurora Borealis

December 18, 2012

northern lightsI just returned from a short but wonderful visit to Reykjavik Iceland. I went to see the aurora borealis or more commonly called the Northern Lights, and other fabulous natural wonders. When you witness these extraordinary sites you can’t help but be in awe over the magnificence of this planet earth and all its forms of God giving life. It beams every where. I have been blessed to witness many of life’s wonders and am so grateful to be able to experience the abundance that is all around.
I have a reverence for life that I wish I can help others see. We live in a universe, that means one place in existence.
Look into someone’s eyes and you can see the aurora borealis and  you can see all the beauty of this world and more.
As we approach the winter solstice let us all meditate and pray for peace on earth, respect for all life and live with an open heart to embrace each other with compassion.
Here is to the mystical energy of the aurora borealis in each of our hearts and souls. God bless.

The Power of a Mastermind

December 11, 2012

power of a mastermindThe power of a mastermind to achieve anything you desire is essential. In the bible it says, Mathew 18:19
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.
There is something very powerful that happens when two or more like minded individuals get together. Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter in his book Think and Grow Rich, on the power of a mastermind, in which he explains that it is the driving force behind any great success. He defines it as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”
Think of what you could accomplish if you had one or more like minded people that you could mastermind with. Have you ever heard the expression you become who you associate with? Well it is true. The minds of individuals merge and mold together to form a master mind. That is why it is vital to associate with people who have a definite purpose and are moving in a direction you want to go in.
The power of a mastermind is so powerful it can transmute any idea into physical form.
So, gather your mastermind together in a spirit of harmony and the knowledge of the universe shall be opened on to you.


December 4, 2012


After spending day after day down in Long Beach NY, I am amazed at the resilience of the people who’s lives were ripped apart from Hurricane Sandy.
In just a little over a month the climate of the area has bounced back tremendously.  Yes, it will take years before things can be restored however the progress of people working together is remarkable. This beautiful planet earth as well as the people living on it are extremely resilient.
We are always expanding and expressing our spirit onward and upward. If we continue to work and cooperate with one another nothing is impossible. Life is always seeking the light and as long as we keep the fire burning in our soul and keep our hearts open we will evolve forward. This storm reminded us how fragile we are and yet how resilient we are as well. So the next time circumstances seem to knock you down, remember that one  candle can bring light into a room of darkness but darkness can never diminish the light.  With the light in all of us we are the resilient one’s, who will thrive and bring abundance to a new world.