Are You Experienced?

February 27, 2013

experienceExperience is a very high level of awareness. Each one of us has had different experiences growing up and a different perspective on how that experience has shaped our lives. We have either opened or closed ourselves to step out of the familiar to embrace new experiences. Knowledge and wisdom is gained from understanding and applying our experience to improve our self and others.
We get experience every day of our life, however it is what we are focusing on and applying our selves to, that will put that experience to good use. The more you are open to new experiences the more alive and joyful you will be.
Life begins outside our comfort zone. There is something new waiting for you this very minute, if you allow the experience to unfold and manifest naturally.
Do some thing new, take a different route to work, change things up and see what new things you will witness.
Life can be a glorious adventure. Are you up for the experience?

The Pain of the Same

February 19, 2013

pain of the sameUntil the pain of the same is greater than the pain of change will most people decide to do something to alter their lives.

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”
James Allen

So many people complain or are not happy in their daily life, however they tend to stay stuck and do nothing about it until a crisis occurs. Health, financial or relationship issues are some of the major areas in our lives that tend to become stagnant and worsen if we are not constantly improving them in some way. We do things the same way, day after day. Until the pain of the same becomes greater than the pain of change do we take progressive action. We are either moving forward or falling behind. There is actually is no stagnation, although it appears that things aren’t moving in any direction. Nothing stays still. We live in an ocean of motion.
So why not move forward every day and improve your life? Just little steps, that’s all it takes to change and become better then before.
We are here to create, to live an abundantly wealthy, rich life, in body, mind and spirit. Today, decide to make a change, and improve your life. Don’t wait until the pain of the same to be greater than the pain of change to live a better life.
If it is to be, it is up to me!

The Law of Cause and Effect

February 12, 2013

cause and effectThe oldest and most important single law of philosophy is the law of cause and effect. This was first discussed by Socrates and Plato, and then articulated by Aristotle in what he called the “principle of causality.”  At a time when the great majority of people believed in the gods on Mount Olympus and that life was a series of random and unpredictable events, Aristotle claimed that it was otherwise.
Aristotle said that we live in a universe governed by law and order. He said that everything happens for a specific reason, whether or not we know what that reason is.
This law of cause and effect says that, for every effect in your life, there is a specific cause. Nothing happens by accident. Success has a specific causes. Happiness has specific causes. Prosperity and wealth have specific causes. Everything you do, or fail to do, has an effect or a result, positive or negative, somewhere in your life. Your job is to find out the cause-effect relationships and apply them to your advantage.
Do you want to know what that relationship is?
Your thoughts are causes, and conditions are the effects.
Change your thoughts and change your life!!!
In the Old Testament it says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The Creative Process

February 6, 2013

The Creative Process“It is not your part to guide or supervise the creative process.
All you have to do with that is to retain your vision,
Stick to your purpose,
And maintain your faith and gratitude.”
Wallace D. Wattles

I love this quote! So what is the creative process? It is understanding your purpose, seeing the vision you have for it and setting goals.  That’s it. You don’t have to know how you are going to do this, you just need to know what it is you really want and go after that with passion and persistence.
The creative process will take care of the rest. When you begin to live in harmony with the laws of the universe, the creative process has a way of manifesting in physical form all the things necessary to accomplish your desire.
So what is it that you really want? Set a course today and take the steps that will start the creative process in motion. Once it’s got enough steam behind it, you will be amazed at how quickly it will begin to take form.
Let’s start creating!