Are You Experienced?

experienceExperience is a very high level of awareness. Each one of us has had different experiences growing up and a different perspective on how that experience has shaped our lives. We have either opened or closed ourselves to step out of the familiar to embrace new experiences. Knowledge and wisdom is gained from understanding and applying our experience to improve our self and others.
We get experience every day of our life, however it is what we are focusing on and applying our selves to, that will put that experience to good use. The more you are open to new experiences the more alive and joyful you will be.
Life begins outside our comfort zone. There is something new waiting for you this very minute, if you allow the experience to unfold and manifest naturally.
Do some thing new, take a different route to work, change things up and see what new things you will witness.
Life can be a glorious adventure. Are you up for the experience?

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