India in Me

081I just returned from a 2 week stay in Chennai India. I was on a spiritual retreat to go deep within myself. I danced, meditated and had yoga classes daily. It was one of the most amazing journeys I’ve ever been on.
I have to say that India was on my goal list, of places to go and experience.
I learned to go deep into meditation and discovered such peace that I will never be the same person after realizing how to obtain this level of bliss.
India is an exotic and extreme place. You will see a bit of everything and you can’t help but to be moved by all your senses and emotions.
It is a soulful place.  The red earth grounds you as the blue skies connects you to the spiritual world above. In between you see an array of colors to entice your body to move gracefully among the space. Water is scarce, poverty is ramped and mystery is every where.
My soul has been touched by a deeper understanding of God and I have transcended to a higher level of awareness. This was my quest which I can now integrate in the core of my being. Ah, India is now in me and I can go there in my mind when ever I desire.

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