Law of Attraction

July 30, 2013

thoughts become thingsIn the movie and book The Secret, it is demonstrated how we can create our reality by the law of attraction. There have been countless other books, CD’s, DVD’s and other media describing how we can create what ever we desire, dating back to the Bible.  However, people are still at a loss as to how this is done. They are not seeing the results in their lives.
I can attest that I had the privilege to witness first hand how reality is created through our thoughts. While I was in Pucallpa Peru, I was able to be in an altered state of consciousness and observe the creator behind my thoughts.  I was able to experience any reality I desired by concentrating my thoughts on what I wanted. It was one of the most powerful and intense observations of my life.
All that is required is knowing what you really want and hold that thought. You must put all your intention and attention on the tangible or intangible object of your desire. Then take action on receiving it. That’s it.
Begin today to describe exactly what you want. The more specific the better and hold the image with a burning passion. Watch how the law of attraction will begin to mold and form in to manifestation.
Plant your seed, cultivate, and watch it grow.
Happy planting.

Every Day Miracles

July 23, 2013

miraclesI have just returned from a trip to Pucallpa Peru. It is a magical place full of ancient wisdom and natural wonders. I witnessed miracles all around me. Being so close and connected with nature I was able to commune with the indigenous land. Nature and creation revealed their secrets to me and the mystery was unfolding before my eyes. Every thing became a miraculous discovery. To the gazing of the cumulus clouds, to being able to sit quietly observing an eagle in flight. Rainbows, forests, wild life, tame life and all things in between are miracles. Life is a miracle.
Are you able to witness the miracles in your life?
“There is only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”
Albert Einstein
You see miracles are not only the big things that happen but the small every day things we some times take for granted. Running water, electricity, nature, a thunder storm and every thing else. We are miracles.
So the next time life seems dull, remember to wake up and take notice of all the miracles around you.
Have a miraculous day!