Your Blueprint

February 25, 2014


We have all been downloaded with a blueprint of who we are. The question is, is this blueprint who you really want to be? You are the architect of your life and if you are not thrilled with how the design of your life is shaping out to be, you can change it. The good news is you can alter the blueprint and create a whole new you. First, you must have an idea of who you want to be. Find some role models that will inspire you. Read autobiographies of people who have changed their blueprint, study, work with a life coach and set goals. Before you know it, you will have changed your blueprint and life gets so much better. Blueprints can be altered. Just make a new plan Stan.

More Snow Is On The Way

February 18, 2014


More Snow is on the way. It has been a snowy and bitter cold winter for most of the north east of the United States. Here in the New York, where I reside people have had enough of winter. When I walk my dog, I engage in conversation with people who proclaim that they are done with snow, and the cold. Although I prefer the summer and warm weather, I find myself accepting the harsh conditions and realizing that there is no use in complaining about it. By gripping and avoiding what is, you are pushing away the possibilities of the good. There is something to be grateful for in everything. The snow is providing much due moisture for the flowers and trees that were parched this past summer. It is killing off the eggs of gypsy moths and other invasive insects. It is giving me an opportunity to focus on my writing and studies. By accepting what is, we are staying in the present moment, and that is where our power is. By avoiding and pushing it away, we are giving our power away, and that is where our problems begin. So, stop complaining about the snow and cold and think about the miracles that are right underneath. Start shoveling and uncover them.

Practice, practice, practice

February 11, 2014

practiceHow do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How do you get to be in the Olympics? Practice, practice, practice. How do you get great at anything? Practice, practice, practice. Practice does not make perfect, however it does make it permanent. You can become a master at your craft and it will appear perfect, which is all well and good, but the main thing is that it will become permanently engrained in your being. You will become one with your craft. Therefore, you will unlocked the key to discovering your truth and gift. By practicing over and over and over again, what you do will appear easy and flawless. You will be giving the world your highest form of express. As I watch the winter Olympics on television, I am in awe of the talent, abilities and sheer determination of these magnificent athletes.
They not only practice physically but rehearse there sport in their mind over and over and over again. What  do you what to master? All you have to do is practice, practice, practice!

I Can’t Hear You!

February 4, 2014

I can't hear youDo your actions speak louder than your words? Are you communicating something through your words, but saying something different through your actions and body language? People will pick up your vibes through your actions more than your words. You are broadcasting who you are all the time. If your words and body language are not congruent, people will not hear what you are saying. You can tell so much about someone through their body language. It tells us the truth about yourself. You can not hide the real you. Keep your words and actions in sync to attract exactly what you desire. Take action that matches your words. Not only will you feel better, you will look better too. There will be a calmness about you that people will pick up on, and be able to hear you loud and clear!