Get Uncomfortable

June 24, 2014

outside your comfort zoneLife really does begin outside your comfort zone. Playing it safe will never develop character, strength, or confidence. If you want more you must stretch yourself. Becoming a public speaker is most people’s number one fear. It certainly was for me. My voice used to crackle if I had to speak in public. But now, I love it! I overcame my fear because I wanted to be an empowerment coach. I didn’t allow the fear to stop me from pursuing my desire. I urge you to go ahead and step into your uncomfortable zone. What is it that you want? Give it a try. Then do it again and again. Soon, you will have gotten comfortable with what at one time was uncomfortable. Then you will have to stretch again to reach the next level of what ever makes you uncomfortable. You see, life is always expanding and expressing. So step outside your comfort zone to develop your character, strength, and confidence. I’m sure you will be happy that you did!

Digging Deep

June 17, 2014

digging_deepIf there is something that you truly desire, you must dig deep into your subconscious mind to acquire it. Your mind can be likened to soil. If it has not been cultivated, nothing will grow in it. Like good rich soil, it needs nutrients to feed the vegetation that grows in it. If you have been feed false beliefs, such as you can’t do something, your to old, you’re not smart enough, that won’t work, or what ever, STOP, dig deep into your subconscious mind and add some nutrients. Feed your mind with thoughts, feelings and people to support your ideas. You can turn over the poorest of soil with proper care, time and organic matter. You can do the same for your mind. So dig deep and watch your beautiful mind grow abundantly.

Good Morning

June 10, 2014

good morningDo you wake up and say Good Morning God, or Good God, Morning? Same words, however a totally different message and feeling. The morning is a glorious part of the day. You can connect any time to the energy of the universe but in the morning everything moves at a different vibration. The earth wakes up from its rest and is ready to greet the day.

Try getting up before the dawn breaks. Go outside and watch the sunrise. Feel the magnificence and power of life inside you and all around you. Greet every day, is if it were your last. Every day is a good day, so wake up every morning and say Good Morning God!

Magical Water

June 3, 2014

waterWater is the fundamental building block of all life. It is the driving force of all nature, and the most common substance on earth. Every living thing needs water to survive.

However it is the least understood and unappreciated by so many people. Did you know that water is intelligent and has a memory? We are water beings as much as this earth is.

Dr. Masaru Emoto developed a technique using crystals formed in frozen water and high speed photography to reveal the hidden messages in water. The shape of the water crystal changed when words, music and images were encoded on to the water crystal. If this is so, could the water in everything we eat or drink carry with it a subtle informational content that imparts a “memory” into our “water bodies”. Could the visual images that we encounter, the sounds that we hear, and our thoughts all be encoded into the water of our cells and become a part of our unconscious mind.?  What if we blessed  and loved everything and everyone? Our earth would change dramatically!

The next time you use water in any way, say thank you, thank you, thank you!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” Sir Issac Newton