Staying Calm Under Pressure

I don’t know about you but this time of year always seems like I have more to do than usually. Many people become overwhelmed with the to do list, besides juggling day-to-day activities. The extra pressure of commercializing and the frenzy of trying to do it all can send you over the edge. So how do you stay calm under the pressure? I find that a daily practice of meditation, dance, and healthy food choices will keep me grounded and connected to Infinite Intelligence. So many people are confronted with health challenges, financial issues, and relationship difficulties, that anything else will create a feeling of anxiety. So STOP! You do not need to feed the system, feed your soul! Saying calm under the pressure takes practice. Turn off the telivision, turn on good music. Disconnect the artificial lights and connect to your inner light. You do not need the Christmas tree, the lastest gadget, or junk underneath it, to remind you of this wonderful time of year. The filling of joy, giving, and peace will radiate out of you when you stay calm under the pressure. The sharks may be swimming all around you but you are one with the universe.

God Bless!!!
staying calm under pressure

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