It’s the Waves in Your Brain

January 26, 2016

brain wavesHave you giving up on your dream? Are you punching a time clock at work and then coming home to grab a bite to eat, watching some television and then going to bed just to get up the next day to relive the same day over again? Are you happy with this life?  If not, what will it take to change this pattern? Well, the answer is brain waves. You must change the pattern that appear to be hard wired keeping you stuck doing the same old things every day. Changing the circuitry in your brain, opens up cracks to access universal energy to connect with your objective reality creating miraculous results.

This is the power of the mind and it follows certain laws that precedes cause.

It all starts with a positive mind. We get more of what we think.  Our circumstances reflect our thoughts. Our brains are deleting, distorting and generalizing all the information around us. We are living in a sort of trance. We need to begin to think differently. We need to awaken from the trance that society has hypnotized us in believing is reality. We are being bombarded by messages from the media reinforcing the illusion that this is how we should live.

So be the electrician in your brain and rewire it, to illuminate the path to a brighter future.


Destiny is in Our Hands

January 18, 2016

Singapore Gardens 029


The destiny of your life is in your hands. We have the power to change the direction of our  lives by every decision we make.  If we want to live in a healthy and harmonious world, then be conscious of the choices you make. Begin by living consciously.

Choose foods that are healthy and support your well being. You will feel better and have more energy through out the day.

Breath. So many people are not aware of how their breath affects every function in their body. By learning a few techniques, you can learn to relax your body and stimulate your mind by breathing in deeply and exhaling smoothly.

Take the pressure off your mind and get a good nights sleep. Sleep is vital to invigorate your mind-body connection. If too many thoughts are racing through your mind at night, relax and let them go.

Changing these three things in your life will greatly enhance your ability to make healthier and empowering choices in your life.

These are simple changes to make, however the impact they will have on your life will radiate out in to the world and raise the vibration of our earth.






It is Time to Take a Different Path

January 5, 2016

spontneous evolutionWe are living in a time where the human race is at a cross road of massive change. To continue on the path we have been traveling, the one of fear, violence, protection and scarcity will only bring us to our death. We can not sustain this level of awareness without causing sickness and disease to our individual bodies and collectively to our earth. We must rise above the madness we are witnessing on our TV screens, the headlines in the newspapers and the images we may see on the internet. We must open our minds and hearts to forgiveness, peace, love, abundance and growth. This is how nature lives in harmony and demonstrates to us every day. We must spontaneously evolve for the human race to survive. Life is for living, not to putting an armor suit on, trying to protect ourselves from the perception of  dangers we falsely believe are out there in the world.

Don’t allow the fear to control you. That is what is destroying us. There is a higher road to travel. One that will bring humanity together and create the life that we were destined to live. We can have a spontaneous remission on our planet when we morph through our old worn down consciousness to ascending as enlightened beings. A Christ consciousness. Let us spontaneously evolve together and become one, the I Am presence.