The Flowers Are Blooming

tulipsA beautiful garden takes time, nurturing and cultivating to create.For a tulip or any spring bulb flower to bloom, you must plant the bulb in the fall to gather the energy to produce its full magnificence in the spring. You must wait and see nothing happening for the entire winter.  Then when the seasons rotate you begin to see that bulb you planted in the fall begin to peek up through the soil and manifest into a beautiful flower. The same is true for anything you desire to manifest. Sometimes you just don’t see anything happening, however if you planted your idea, nurtured it and cultivated it, eventually when the season is right, you too will see signs of growth and watch the full bloom of your idea come to life. This is the law of gestation. You can not force the process. You can not expect to get results right away. Like a garden you plant the seeds and the harvest comes later. Just know that what ever you do plant, with proper care it will appear.  So, tend your garden with love, be patient and when the time is right, you will see the manifestation of exactly what you planted.

Need help planting healthy seeds? Call Monica and watch those seeds manifest into something beautiful! 516-297-0672

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