Something Big is Coming!

January 27, 2017

something-bigI don’t know anyone who is not going through some sort of challenge. I am a solo entrepreneur, and there are so many things you have to take care of in order for your business to flourish. Marketing, sales, social media management, book keeping, phone calls, emails, networking, clients, and the list goes on……

Then you have your personal life and home to manage as well. If you have anyone in your family who is struggling with a health issue or facing a dilemma like me, is  taking care of an aging parent, it can feel daunting.

Some days there are so many things to take care of that the day turns into night and I haven’t had a chance to take a break. However, I know when I start to feel like it’s about to unravel, I say to myself, something BIG is Coming! Something so good that my whole world is going to change for the better!

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and being pulled in every which way, know that something BIG is coming. Just know that all the action you are taking to create something is going to come back! Massive concentrated action will produce something BIG! Stay positive!

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You Are the One That’s Stopping You!

January 19, 2017



What is holding you back from living your dreams and going out to create a magnificent life? What is stopping you from being fully engaged and moving forward?

I used to make excuses for why I wasn’t having the success that I knew I could have. I would blame others, thinking that it was someone or something outside of myself for causing my misfortunes. However in reality it was only myself that was preventing me having everything I truly wanted. I was the block! Until I understood this and was brutally honest with myself  nothing would have changed. I had to Stop It!

It is so easy to make excuses for not being, doing or having what we desire.  We get stuck in our own heads and all those limiting beliefs about what is preventing us from living a magnificent life. So just Stop it, and step out and live!!!

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Here is a funny video that will tickle your funny bone.


Are You Living Your Fears or Dreams?

January 12, 2017

To Many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears!

Les Brown

What stops us from living full out and taking the plunge into a joy filled life? Why do so many people get stuck in the muck of the ordinary? I know it is fear! I know how fear can hold us back from living our dreams. Little by little fear can creep in through a thought, through someones criticism, through a disappointment,  through a seeming crisis or any other devious way fear knocks on our door. If we let it in, it will reek havoc and quickly destroy all the good that is there waiting to be released. I have had many such experiences, which started very early in my life. Both my parents had many fears that got downloaded into my mind-body. As an adult I realized how these fears were preventing me from living my dreams. So I took  an inventory of what I thought was keeping me from a joy filled life. I decided to acknowledge the fear, thanked it for showing up to try and keep me safe, and started to live my dreams.

Does fear still try to knock down the door, you bet! Every time it does, my faith gets stronger and I do something that scares me. It’s time you start living your dreams instead of living your fears.

Do 1 thing every day that challenges you. Every time you do, you will get more confident and the next time when fear knocks on your door and faith answers, no one will be there.

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