Give Life Your All!

August 28, 2019

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.”

George Washington Carver


What do you need to do to give life your best? I’ve made a decision lately to give more of myself to life. I have always tried to do my best, but I feel like I can give more and be more. I just finished a course in C-IQ (communication intelligence) It was fascinating to learn all about the brain, neuroscience, and what emotions get activated when we talk with one another. Part of this is understanding our energy systems, spirituality, and social abilities.  I have  now  bumped  up  my  game  to  give  more  of  myself.

It takes a lot of passion, hard work, dedication, commitment, sacrifice and love to do this! Are you ready to step it up? Are you ready to give it your all? You can do it! Just do a little more today then yesterday. Every day, decide to give more service, work a little harder, love a little deeper, play a little more, practice a little longer,laugh more, sing more, dance more, eat healthier, and open your heart wider!

Give life your all and life will give you more then you can ever image. You get out what you put in. Amaze yourself!


June 26, 2012

Passion, where would we be with out it? Most people associate passion with romance, however I am referring passion with your desire to be or do something magnificent. We all are born with special talents and abilities that when nurtured will develop into mastery.
Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter on this which he titled Desire, the starting point of all achievement. He knew that you must have a burning desire or passion toward something, if you want it to become a reality.
What gets you jazzed? Use your imagination to dream of a desired out come. See it in your minds eye and become obsessed to accomplishing it. With passion you will move closer and closer toward it.
Passion is a powerful emotion that when channeled into your hearts desire will unleash boundless enthusiasm and energy.
Find the passion inside of you and life will respond with joy, love, and a sense of definite purpose like never before.
Anything is possible with passion!