Study Programs

  • Born Rich Learning System
  • Art of thinking
  • Winner’s Image
  • Goal Achiever
  • Mission in Commission
  • Success Puzzle
  • The Secret & Beyond the Secret DVD

One Response to Study Programs

  1. Voni says:

    Hey Monica, yvonne herebut I go by Voni now anyway your are living my dream, I always wanted to go to Clayton College of Natural Healing but this degree is not recognized in my state of Montana so I am choosing Law and Public Administration at this time since it can be funded through financial aide. Anyway it is awesome to see someone as positive and strong as you are and I admire your strength very much and am proud to know you although we have not had contact in 30 years or so I still feel close enough to you to share this with you. I know I have the strength deep down inside but have not been accessing it since my illness has taken all my positive concentration, just want to make sure my kids have a Mom when they are grown. Would love to learn more please foward me some more info if you can Thank you, Voni


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