Vibe With Your Tribe

February 13, 2019

You become who you associate with.

We humans are tribal by nature. In other words we need each other. When you are in a community of like minded people you will thrive with your tribe! Businesses, companies and families that work & play together perform so much better then those who don’t get alone. I remember in my teenage years ( many moons ago) where kids got into gangs like the Jets or the Sharks in West Side Story. They vibed with their tribe, but it was a negative vibe. In the end, everyone of those members who didn’t leave are no longer with us.

When your in a positive state of mind, thinking and feeling good things, you will begin to attract the people that will co-create with you. Amazing opportunities will show up, circumstances will change and conditions will improve. Form a mastermind group that will assist you in developing all your gift, talents and abilities. 

Call to action: Do your best to aspire to things you desire. Stay in this vibration as long as you can every day and watch what happens. Love to hear your successes. Happy Vibes!

Healthy Soil Healthy Life

April 15, 2014

healthy soilAh yes, spring is finally here. The forsythia is in bloom and the daffodils are brightening our days with their cheerful presence. Everything is coming back to life. It is miraculous. Underneath our feet is the earth that supports the growth of these plants and all life on earth. Soil, or what can be referred to as earth must be healthy in order for our plants to thrive and grace us with there beauty. Unfortunately, many people have lost the connection with nature and are destroying our soil with chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and insecticides. Then feeding it with toxic fertilizers. The earth is alive, and just like our minds must start out with a healthy foundation in order to grow strong, vibrant and healthy. Compost, using natural alternatives, (and there are many out there) to toxic ones that destroy all of the micronutrients that support the infrastructure of our soil. Like our bodies and minds we too are made up of this soil. Healthy soil supports a healthy community. Like above so below. Pick up some soil today and feel it, smell it,bless it, thank it and support it. Your life depends on healthy soil. Reconnect with your roots.

Can We Talk?

May 2, 2013

communicationCommunication is vital to building relationships. The better we are able to listen to another person and understand them, the better we are able to allow a dialog to develop. If we learn to collaborate with one another in an open and honest way any thing is possible. In today’s world we are able to communicate with anyone, anywhere any time, yet it seems like we have lost the art to communicate intimately with one another. I watch people in a restaurant and they are not talking to each other, they are each on their cell phones, in their own world. On the train everyone is hooked up to their own device again in their own world. Everyone seems to trapped in their own bubble attached to their phones, texting, talking, emailing, however this is just sound bits of information, not real open communing. Communication is just that, to commune, to come together for a common cause or ground.
Let’s begin to get to know one another by reaching out and communicating. Real dialog, listening with an open heart and mind and discovering how truly wonderful communing can be. Hey, you never know what might come if it.