Facts Tell While Stories Sell

April 6, 2017

We can get over being poor, but it takes longer to get over being ignorant.

Jane Sequichie Hifler

In ages past, our old ones were story-tellers. This was the way things were passed along to the generations that followed. For this reason the aged people made it a point to remember every detail so they could relate it at a later time.

They were the word and picture carriers making history and spiritual values alive and important.

In recent times we have made our old ones think they are not important. We spoof their stories and make them feel foolish.

The truth is that we are ignorant of what is precious and how to a da li he li tse di  appreciate age.

Rigidity can creep in and set even the young mind if there are no soft memories, no laughter, no time too deep for tears. Age is grace- a time too valuable to waste.

The Cherokee Feast of Days

What’s your story? How do you want to be remembered? 

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Generosity Begins in Your Mind

October 19, 2016

charityWhere there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

Francis of Assisi

This is a powerful quote! I feel very strongly about giving to charities. There are so many that I would want to give to, however I choose a few that I feel are close to my heart! When I give to them I feel love in my heart and empowered! There is no fear when love abounds and there is no ignorance when wisdom is present!

Give freely from your heart to the charity of your choice and you will feel abundance grow from everywhere! Love has no limits, there is plenty to go around. Know that there is plenty for all when we allow our minds and hearts to open to this wisdom.

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