Nature Deficit Disorder

November 18, 2014

nature deficit disorderIf you want to think clearer and feel better, spend some time in nature. The plant world holds the key to unlocking our confusion and troubles. It soothes our soul and provides life-giving oxygen for us to breath. I once owned and operated a horticultural business. I would install and maintain plants in homes and office’s. These plants brought the outside world inside and helped people become calmer, more productive and healthier. People need the connection with nature. In our technological world where many people sit in an office or indoors for most of the day never being exposed to any nature, a condition called nature dfecit disorder occurs. We become disconnected. Nature deficit disorder also is the disconnect from our food supply, our wanting to irraticate all insects, and anything that separates us from the natural world. When we learn to reconnect and live in harmony with our natural world, balance will be restored. So I invite you to spend some time in nature and reconnect with our life giving planet earth.

Commune with Nature

March 11, 2014

garden of eden

Nature is always speaking to us in quite whispers.  Can we become silent enough to hear her? She reveals secrets of life that are too subtle to pick up on if we are busy in thought.  When we calm our minds and bodies, we can then hear the voice of nature. We can then commune with the spirits of the plant world. The flowers, trees, vines and all floras have properties and energies that can heal us or harm us. The more we become familiar with them, the more we can understand and appreciate life with all its diversities. Just by observing its habitat, we are able to discover its qualities. Plants have amazing medical usages. Right in our own backyards we a pharmacopeia at our disposal. If we begin to tend our oxygen producing plants with love and respect, they will provide us with a harvest of knowledge and healing. We are a part of nature. Nature is a part of us. The more we distance our self from her, the farther away we get from our true essence. Spend some time in nature. Become silent and listen. The garden of Eden is always near.  

Spring Cleaning

April 11, 2012

Spring is here! This is a great time of year where you see color  blossoming all around. Everything is coming out of hibernation and new growth is budding out of the old. We like to do a spring cleaning in and around our homes. We spruce up our gardens and declutter the space around us. How about doing a spring cleaning of your mind?  Some people like to do a cleansing of their body. These are all healthy and a perfect time of year to do them.
Doing a spring cleaning of your mind will set the pace for where you want to go and create an opening for new possibilities. Let go of the stories that are holding you back from living the life you want. It is time to blossom, to expand and do a spring cleaning of all the old thoughts, feelings and actions that do not serve you. Sweep it out not under the rug. So clean away those cob webs, dust off your shelves and prune out the dead to allow space for the new growth. This is a time of new beginnings. Breath in all the goodness and let out all the stress.
Ah, that is refreshing!