Addicted To The Madness!

July 17, 2019

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.


Last Friday, I took the train into New York to meet up with some friends and visit the Met. They are celebrating by having an exhibit of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing that took place on July 20,1969. It was fascinating and I highly recommend seeing it. But it got me thinking, of how absolutely quiet it must be in space. and the absence of any sound.

To get to the museum, I walked a few blocks and then took the subway there. The noise level on the streets was off the charts! Between the sirens, trucks and cars beeping there horns, and the stimulus from other things was over whelming. Thank God, I am able to stay grounded and be aware of the noise without getting sucked into all, but, I gotta say that I couldn’t wait to get out of the city. It can rattle your nervous system to a point were you just become numb and addicted to it all.

We are not meant to live like this. It isn’t healthy. Yes, you can learn to adjust to all the noise but you will never get in touch with your authentic self if you aren’t taking the time to be in nature. Going to the moon has shown mankind how vital and precious our beautiful blue planet really is. Connect to Mother Earth, embrace all the wonders and the natural resources that she has to offer. And most importantly, listen to the silence.

Killing Time

August 26, 2014

killing timeHow many times have you heard the expression, “I have some time to kill” ? Every time I hear this, I cringe! Really, who wants to actually kill time?  Killing anything for that matter is horrible enough. Time is our most precious commodity. We only get so much of it before we are gone from this earth, so why would you want to kill time? People have a tendency to say things unconsciously without thinking of the actually meaning or content. Every moment is sacred. There is no such thing as extra time. If you are waiting, stuck in traffic, feeling bored, or anything which gives you the illusion of extra time, think, feel, use your imagination, or meditate, to get the most value from time. If you are competing in the Olympics,every fraction of a second counts. Make your time count. One day you will look back upon your life, and wonder, where did the time go?