Law of Attraction

July 30, 2013

thoughts become thingsIn the movie and book The Secret, it is demonstrated how we can create our reality by the law of attraction. There have been countless other books, CD’s, DVD’s and other media describing how we can create what ever we desire, dating back to the Bible.  However, people are still at a loss as to how this is done. They are not seeing the results in their lives.
I can attest that I had the privilege to witness first hand how reality is created through our thoughts. While I was in Pucallpa Peru, I was able to be in an altered state of consciousness and observe the creator behind my thoughts.  I was able to experience any reality I desired by concentrating my thoughts on what I wanted. It was one of the most powerful and intense observations of my life.
All that is required is knowing what you really want and hold that thought. You must put all your intention and attention on the tangible or intangible object of your desire. Then take action on receiving it. That’s it.
Begin today to describe exactly what you want. The more specific the better and hold the image with a burning passion. Watch how the law of attraction will begin to mold and form in to manifestation.
Plant your seed, cultivate, and watch it grow.
Happy planting.

Aurora Borealis

December 18, 2012

northern lightsI just returned from a short but wonderful visit to Reykjavik Iceland. I went to see the aurora borealis or more commonly called the Northern Lights, and other fabulous natural wonders. When you witness these extraordinary sites you can’t help but be in awe over the magnificence of this planet earth and all its forms of God giving life. It beams every where. I have been blessed to witness many of life’s wonders and am so grateful to be able to experience the abundance that is all around.
I have a reverence for life that I wish I can help others see. We live in a universe, that means one place in existence.
Look into someone’s eyes and you can see the aurora borealis and  you can see all the beauty of this world and more.
As we approach the winter solstice let us all meditate and pray for peace on earth, respect for all life and live with an open heart to embrace each other with compassion.
Here is to the mystical energy of the aurora borealis in each of our hearts and souls. God bless.

Creative Imagination

July 25, 2012

We are all creative. It just depends on how well and often you use your mind to express new ideas to bring a creative thought to life. It is the corner stone to changing the world. The old paradigm was competition, to get ahead and look at the bottom line. This is ripping our world apart and causing separation. Where creativity is a coalescence of new and imaginative beginnings.  Thinking creatively is freedom to explore and find solutions to difficult challenges. We have not been guided and encouraged to think this way. The public school system has been training children to stay within  the parameters of conformity. This never stirs the juices of creativity. It is time for breaking out of the prison of our own minds and begin to allow creative thought to take shape. How do we begin to do this after years of being conditioned? Start asking yourself important questions. What challenges are you facing? Brainstorm possible solutions. Write, draw, dance, or anything that will begin to move the muscles in your brain.
In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, he points out that our brains are both a broadcasting and receiving station for the “vibration of thought”. He says “Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite human mind has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.”
Imagine if we all began to think more creatively to work together for a better world?
John Lennon imagined, how about you?